Ideal for ZERO WASTE policies and Green Public Procurement (GPP)

ECODYGER is the most modern and innovative solution to make the workplace clean, healthy and for reducing the weight and volume of organic waste up to 90%.

It all takes place at the source of the waste’s production, and is stored waiting to be put into the line of separate wet-organic waste collection.

It manages any wet-organic waste, including plates, and biodegradable/compostable cups and cutlery. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any chemical additives or water. Ecodyger restores at the end of every cycle a solid residue equal to 10-30% of the original waste.

It is a true natural resource: an organic-mineral fertilizer that can be used in agriculture, in the vegetable and gardening sector, it’s a valid soil modifier, improving and correcting the water and breathable qualities of clay and sandy soils.

Ecodyger is designed to treat almost all organic waste: fruit, vegetables, eggs, rice, pasta, bread, meat, fish, all types of bones (including pork), shellfish and clams. All new biodegradable-compostable materials can be treated (plates, cups, cutlery, and trays), including paper napkins, all usually used in collective catering.

Ecodyger uses a cycle that regenerates waste in about 7 hours.