It’s time to turn the page and fully embrace the model of the Circular Economy.

Ecodyger addresses the places and services that prepare, produce, offer and distribute food everyday, supporting them in the optimized management of organic waste cycles.
State of the art facilities, continuously committed to respecting the planet and ecosystem in which they operate, for the good of the environment and therefore the users for who they are made for.
Ecodyger allows for the support of their distinction, to enhance what they are to greater effect. Not to be just a trivial solution to a practical/administrative/operative ‘problem’.
At the heart of Ecodyger is an indestructible will of entrepreneurs who want to change the status quo. Improving and simplifying the life of vendors and consumers, therefore changing the world at the same time.

Respect the environment, and your clients will love you even more.

ECODYGER COMPANY BENEFIT: The ‘Benefit Corporation’ certification procedure is now underway.

The Benefit Corporation are companies that voluntarily comply with the strict environmental and social standards, and contribute to the creation of new business models based on responsibility and transparency beyond profits.


The areas of evaluation in order to be a Benefit Corporation.


A value based model of reference in terms of competency and transparency.


A relationship system with employees to respect their rights, and the improvement of individual skills and aspirations.


The ability to interpret a company as an active part of social reality.


Monitor all phases of the productive chain in relation to its environmentally sustainable level of processes and products.