Ecodyger: Sustainable organic waste management at the source

Ecodyger is an innovative and sustainable solution that thanks to a patented regeneration process, reduces up to 90% of the weight and volume of wet organic waste in little time. Its use is ideal for all places that prepare and serve food daily.

Ecodyger is designed to process almost all organic waste: rice, pasta, bread, meat, fish, rabbit and chicken bones, shells and sea food, vegetables, fruit, and seeds.

Ecodyger can even work on all new biodegradable materials (plates, cups, cutlery and trays), including paper napkins, usually used by caterers.

  • Ecodyger regenerates small bones like those from chickens or rabbits.

  • Ecodyger regenerates organic waste using a 5 to 7 hour cycle

Ecodyger is 100% green and promotes a Zero Waste model at its core.

The residue from the Ecodyger process can be re-introduced into the environment, becoming resources for other agricultural and industrial processing.