HOST Milan: it was a completely positive event for ECODYGER, characterized by great general success and excellent participation from abroad.

We presented our machine, the most modern and innovative solution to reduce organic waste up to 90% of its weight and volume.

A perfect solution for all the structures that prepare and serve food every day, and have issues with wet / organic waste management: restaurants, canteens, catering, catering facilities, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, condominiums, refreshment areas, etc …

To review solutions that we presented to you we have prepared a Virtual Tour of our stand.

Visitors were able to test and touch the advantages of the Ecodyger approach:

  • Weight and volume reduction of organic waste up to 90%
  • Elimination of bad odors and leachate
  • 100% elimination of germs and bacteria
  • Elimination of refrigerated areas for waste storage
  • Drastic reduction in withdrawal frequency
  • Conforms to current European Directives
  • (Waste Hierarchy / Circular Economy)

In particular, the participation of visitors from abroad (more than 60% of the total) was absolutely noteworthy, with a very strong interest in distributing Ecodyger in different areas of the world. Testifying the value and global impact of our solution, constantly expanding in ever-wider markets.

SMART LABEL is the recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST – Fiera Milano in collaboration with

ECODYGER has received the prestigious recognition of the GREEN SMART LABEL for products with high innovation content and distinctive features compared to the industry trend with regards to energy savings, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability.




All participants in the event also appreciated the savings generated by the Ecodyger method:

  • Drastic reduction in use and costs of bags and sachets for damp
  • Reduction / elimination of cleaning and sanitizing costs for containers and storage areas
  • Cost elimination implementation, use and maintenance of refrigerated / conditioned areas
  • Reduction of personnel costs for waste handling
  • Elimination of costs for extra disposal by third parties of organic waste
  • Tax benefits (where required by regional / municipal regulations)