ECODYGER participated in ECOMONDO, a reference event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation.

An international fair with an innovative format that combines all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development.

ECODYGER machines are fully part of the panel of thematic events characteristic of the Circular Economy at ECOMONDO. The national press has grasped the innovative character of ECODYGER, intervening at the stand to carry out an interview broadcast on the GR1.




The advantages both in economic and sustainability terms Ecodyger:

  • Drastic reduction in use and costs of bags and sachets for damp
  • Reduction / elimination of cleaning and sanitizing costs for containers and storage areas
  • Cost elimination implementation, use and maintenance of refrigerated / conditioned areas
  • Reduction of personnel costs for waste handling
  • Elimination of costs for extra disposal by third parties of organic waste
  • Tax benefits (where required by regional / municipal regulations)

The “pluses” of Ecodyger have attracted a sensitive public and I look forward to innovations:

  • Weight and volume reduction of organic waste up to 90%
  • Elimination of bad odors and leachate
  • 100% elimination of germs and bacteria
  • Elimination of refrigerated areas for waste storage
  • Drastic reduction in withdrawal frequency
  • Conforms to current European Directives
    (Waste Hierarchy / Circular Economy)

As evidence of the value and global impact of our solution, which is constantly expanding in ever-wider markets, we have been able to see a truly consistent participation of visitors from abroad.