Recovering from the pandemic with a New Green Deal in Italy

First 110 representatives of companies and business organizations supporting the Manifesto Recovering from the Pandemic with a New Green Deal in Italy READ MORE The new Coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the habits and ways of life of billions of people. It is causing thousands of deaths as well as a huge economic downturn. The pandemic has unveiled our vulnerability, our lack of preparation and resilience in front of this kind of risks: in other words, it has unveiled the [...]

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Organic waste: treat it at source to be truly “circular”

Organic waste is composed of all substances of vegetable or animal origin (kitchen residues, public or private green areas, etc ...) which every day represent around 40% (*) of solid urban waste. Due to their being humid, they generate percolation problems, high costs (and harmful emissions) in incineration, they are prone to ferment and produce bad smells. In general, food waste, among organic ones, is the most difficult to manage and treat, and with them there is the danger [...]

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ECODYGER at ECOMONDO 2019 The Green Technology Expo

ECODYGER participated in ECOMONDO, a reference event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation. An international fair with an innovative format that combines all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development. ECODYGER machines are fully part of the panel of thematic events characteristic of the Circular Economy at ECOMONDO. The national press has grasped the innovative character of ECODYGER, intervening at the stand to carry out [...]

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HOST Milan: great success for ECODYGER

HOST Milan: it was a completely positive event for ECODYGER, characterized by great general success and excellent participation from abroad. We presented our machine, the most modern and innovative solution to reduce organic waste up to 90% of its weight and volume. A perfect solution for all the structures that prepare and serve food every day, and have issues with wet / organic waste management: restaurants, canteens, catering, catering facilities, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, condominiums, refreshment areas, [...]

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10 techniques to reduce waste in the kitchen

Where do you produce more waste?  Within the walls of your home, do you know where the most waste is produced? That's right, the kitchen is good. The same applies to commercial activities such as restaurants, bars, hotels and so on. This is the place where we can and must do our best to significantly reduce the weight and volume of the waste bin. Or better, weight and volume of waste before it becomes waste once it is [...]

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Organic Farming

Having introduced and talked about in the previous article of biodynamic agriculture (link), here we are talking about organic farming, where the second descends and is an evolution of the first. The subject is vast and dotted with dozens of shades, so we'll try to make a simple synthesis providing the basics without going into too many twists and turns. The drive towards a lifestyle that is increasingly sustainable, and the desire to eat healthy food and as natural as possible, has [...]

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Biodynamic Farming

We want to tackle a topic apparently complex but also very interesting and very timely as the organic and biodynamic farming. What came first: biodynamic or biological farms? Easy, if we talk about organic and biodynamic farming the answer to which is born before and after is much simpler and arguable. Biodynamic agriculture, contrary to what you might think, was born long before the organic farming, which is essentially a simplification. For this reason, in order to explain the main differences [...]

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Difference between Manures and Fertilizers

For dozens of centuries, man has exploited nature bending it at will, drawing immediate benefits. The next industrial and technological development, from the nineteenth century onwards, helped to change not only the environment but also our vision and our way of relating to it, spoiling it sometimes irreversibly.The development model of today's society has led on the one hand to uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources and on the other to believe that these resources were inexhaustible.Why this resource exploitation?We respond [...]

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