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  •   July 6th, 2015
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Italy, and Milan in particular, is the host of the Universal Exhibition, whose theme is nutrition. One of the sub-themes is the main innovation of the food chain. We hear more and more about “Km Zero” food, the food chain which is the path that makes foods, from the lands that produced them, to our tables.

The more you run this route, the more quality assurance and lower impacts on the environment we will have, due to lower CO2 emissions mainly caused by the transport and storage of such food.

Similarly, if we are talking about waste products from the preparation and consumption of food, to reduce emissions of CO2 into the environment, the concept of Km Zero waste should be introduced.

For this reason, with great emotion we are pleased to report the presence of Ecodyger at EXPO 2015.

Ecodyger at Etaly

You will come across Ecodyger walking in the green garden set between the two wooden buildings of pavilion EATALY along the Decumano.




Ecodyger at Ecco Pasta & Pizza

or sitting comfortably outside the Italian pavilion at “Ecco Pasta & Pizza” while you are enjoying a true Neapolitan pizza.




Design and production made in Italy, worldwide patent

Ecodyger was born from a group of Italian startuppers. A product made in Italy and the result of a search lasting three years and materialized with a patent of a worldwide character. The development team is coordinated by a nuclear chemist expert in the behavior of the organic material joined by a plasma physics.

Ecodyger won the UK-Italy Nautical Innovation Award. Il Sole 24 Ore reported Ecodyger as a technology that allows the recycling of organic waste at the source.

Ecodyger is the result of the idea and execution of Davide and Francesco Paolillo, entrepreneurs already operating in the appliance industry and automation.

Technology Ecodyger

Italian excellence in research and development made available to the community to help reduce the impact on the environment. How? By reducing at the source the wet-organic waste produced by the preparation, distribution and administration of food before it is collected as waste.

What does it do

Ecodyger is a new technology equipped to an appliance that allows to reduce organic waste from 70% to 90% of their weight and volume. It regenerates in a few hours all these scraps directly where they are generated; for example the kitchen of a large restaurant, a hotel, a canteen or a ship.


The process consists in the dehydration and regeneration of organic waste. Everything takes place in a safe environment inside a sealed tank, without adding water and chemical additives.

What does it produce?

The regeneration process of Ecodyger produces two residues: one solid and one liquid. The solid residue free of odors, germs and bacteria, can be used as fertilizer and soil conditioner 100% natural in all agricultural activities, gardening and horticulture. The residual liquid is discharged into the public sewer as with washing machines and dishwashers.

For whom?

Ecodyger is now available in the professional version. Designed for all business activities and facilities that prepare and serve food every day and that is why many produce organic waste. Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, canteens, fast-food restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, condos, camping, tourist villages, local markets, festivals, barracks, commercial ships and cruise.

Very soon, the domestic version already in advanced testing will be available. Much smaller it will be ideal for bar and families. The goal is to see it on the market over the next year.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Space optimization – eliminating storage and collection areas (chilled / conditional)
  • Eliminate 100% of germs, bacteria and odor
  • Reducing the volume of organic waste up to 90%
  • Compliance with current and future European regulations (Hierarchy of Waste)


  • Eliminate / reduce drastically the use of bags for wet waste and related costs
  • Cost of implementation, use and maintenance of refrigerated areas
  • Drastic reduction in the frequency of waste collection by reducing transportation costs and staff
  • Reduction of employed staff costs for handling waste
  • Reduce costs of cleaning and sanitizing containers and storage
  • Elimination of extra costs for disposal by third parties of the organic waste
  • Benefits and tax exemptions (where required by local ordinances)

How it helps the environment

Each year in Europe produces 252 million tons of waste. 35% are organic waste, 88 million tons. If we were using Ecodyger throughout Europe, we could produce more than 60 million tons of organic waste less and in place have nearly 10 tons of zero km manure..

Using Ecodyger has a strong impact on the carbon footprint, because it reduces the collection, transport and disposal of waste. Ecodyger was born interpreting the Zero Waste philosophy and to limit emissions of CO2.

EXPO a window to a better world, ECODYGER present!