The question is: Can our waste be transformed and become a resource?
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The Problem

Organic waste has always been seen as a problem, an inconvenience that costs money and occupies space. The problems are caused by landfills and pollution resulting from the daily management of our waste that requires time and space, as well as the rising costs for all connected services: collection, disposal, sanitation and reconditioning of the areas involved.

The Solution

Ecodyger reduces the size of your organic waste by up to 90% of it’s original volume – and converts your waste into high quality compost.

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Key features

  • image image Cleaner space

    Ecodyger kills 100% of germs and bacteria

  • image image Save money

    Less waste disposal taxes to pay, fewer bin bags to buy

  • image image A better world

    Ecodyger helps to reduce the CO2 emission caused by the collection and treatment of the organic waste