Ecco Pizza & Pasta recycles its waste with Ecodyger

  •   August 3rd, 2015
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Giuseppe Esposito di Ep S.p.a.

The Company: serving 18 million meals every year

Ep S.p.A., excellence of Italian caterings, presents at Expo Milan a new format that aims abroad.

With ten different quality certifications recognized internationally, ranging from environmental impact to traceability, from food security to that of workers, from social responsibility to the production processes, with the attention to service and administration, the ability to evolve continuously to customer satisfaction, Ep based in Naples is among the most innovative companies from a rapidly growing sector in Italy and in the world as catering service.

Founded by Pasquale Esposito in Naples with his great desire to do business, the company – which also operates with his brother Ciro and sons Giuseppe, Salvatore and Giovanna – now has more than one thousand employees and a turnover of over 60 million euro. It has thirty production centers located throughout the country with operations in Campania, Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily, Dubai, Krakow. Annually serving 18 million meals and provides 6 million food stamps. All this without forgetting the less fortunate, subject of numerous social projects.

Hi-tech serving

Equipped with the most modern computer systems to meet the changing market demand, Ep specializes in meeting the needs of hospitals and school canteens allowing students and patients to communicate with the centers of supply through the use of tablets and smartphones.
Also technical and logistical supports fulfill the same criteria with trolleys and trays with equipment for the heat and the cold. Even the design of the trays and their weight are designed for the greatest possible comfort.

Nothing is left to chance and everything responds to a logic strongly oriented to put the other person at ease taking into account its preferences, intolerances, or possible allergies. All this explains a steady development that within 2015 should raise the turnover to 70 million thanks to the many barracks served across the country, ministries and religious organizations that rely on the care of the Group of Naples.

The experience gained at home, combined with an astute financial management, now allows the company to look beyond national borders and try the way of internationalization. Since last year they are in United Arab Emirates at the airport of Erbil where everything is packed with Italian products. Since a few months it has landed in Krakow, Poland, with an interesting investment in the nascent Shrine dedicated to the memory of Pope John Paul II: the Central House of the Pilgrim which will host hotel and catering.

EXPO 2015 experience


Given the scope, Ep could not miss the Milan Expo which is an official partner with the catering company Sire Receptions headed by the entrepreneur Vincenzo Borrelli, the most quoted in its class. Together they feature in the Italian Pavilion of the new brand “Ecco – Pizza & Pasta” was born with the aim of promoting abroad the products of Made in Italy and flavors of the national cuisine with special attention to the Mediterranean diet.

The format involves visitors who can check the quality of raw materials, appreciate the workmanship, taste the finished product with an awareness that transforms the consumer experience. To ensure a high standard overall offer, the couple Ep-Sire has involved a number of suppliers of another profile of the various sectors: oil, flour up to condiments and confectionary.

Eco-sustainability + Waste Management = Ecodyger

A great attention is paid to all aspects related to environmentally sustainable management of the wet-waste generated during all the processes of preparing and serving food. In this regard Ep Spa was the first Italian company canteens to believe in technological innovation made in Italy offer the solution Ecodyger. The first step goes back to last year with the introduction and use of some machines in the canteen of one of the most important Italian hospitals, Policlinico Federico II of Naples.

Once defined the presence at EXPO was proposed and accepted with enthusiasm to our company to be present in “ECCO – Pizza & Pasta” with some working machines and a demo version. The latter can be seen on the outside of the structure among the dozens of tables where visitors can taste and appreciate all the specialties offered by the brand.

Ecodyger, with great pleasure married this initiative to help with “ECCO Pizza & Pasta” to have a better world, with less waste and less CO2 emissions. We ask Giuseppe Esposito of Ep S.p.A. a quick feedback on the experience of EXPO and what the positive impact of using Ecodyger in their structure to reduce the wet waste produced.

“We have just passed one third of event at EXPO and the figures in this bet are definitely positive and repay the investment and efforts spent to be present in the best way possible.”
It ‘ s the first comment of a radiant Giuseppe Esposito as he watches the constant flow of visitors from all over the world.


“It involves 60 people who every day prepare, bake and serve with passion over 1,500 pizzas and hundreds of dishes of pasta and all the best food of the Neapolitan tradition.” Esposito continues indicating a typical American family about to sit and enjoy their Margherita pizzas.

All this translates into a careful daily activity of food preparation which obviously leads also to the production of wastes from the kitchen. These, added to customers leftovers, is the so-called wet waste produced by the activity.

3.000 Kilos of wet waste less at EXPO

The data of the first two months of EXPO report an average of about 600 kilos / month of organic waste produced. Thanks to the use of Ecodyger in the structure, it was possible to reduce by 80% in weight and volume this waste, reaching a whopping 480 kilos / month less of organic waste.
A material fact, if projected to the entire duration of the exhibition, brings us to almost 3,000 kilos of organic waste less produced during EXPO.

Think about how many CO2 emissions saved to the atmosphere thanks to 80% less than the collection, transport and transfer of this waste.

Ecodyger a Ecco Pizza & Pasta

Many thanks to ECCO – Pizza & Pasta and the Esposito family for this commitment that does not end here but that has already been extended to all activities of catering to be defined.

Incentives help the technology diffusion

Esposito, ends with an interesting reflection in general – “Fortunately, more and more municipalities have started to grant major reductions in the Waste Tax TARI¬†to all commercial structures that demonstrate use of new technologies to prevent and reduce the production of wet waste at the source. A little help that pays for itself in part those of us, from time began offering these technologies to reduce environmental impact. “

We at Ecodyger, like to add that a national law that incentives all suitable action to prevent and reduce waste at the source is waited. This decree is currently being discussed in Parliament and for which the European Commission monitors carefully on Italy, so that they speed up the bureaucratic process.

For the EU, member states must transpose actively within the current year the clear guidelines of the relevant European Directive 2008/98 EU.

In this regard we recall that our French neighbors have already taken a first and important step with the famous “Grenelle II”.

How? Forcing virtually all commercial structures that produce significant quantities of organic waste (in 2015 above 40 kg a day) to reduce it and handle it properly with the use of the new technologies available. The sanctions are very heavy and are making France far ahead in the hierarchy of the member states that already are starting to reflect its directive.